Late Afternoon on the Alexandre III Bridge

_MG_8270 _MG_8262 _MG_8254 _MG_8245_MG_8246 _MG_8241 _MG_8221 _MG_8219 _MG_8214 _MG_8197 _MG_8182 _MG_8168 _MG_8171_MG_8189

Hi Loves,

Yesterday Afternoon I shoot at the Bridge Alexandre III, It’s so beautiful when the sun began to fold. I assure you this blog post in not sponsored by H&M despite the fact that the black top and the green water maxi skirt come from there, I love this skirt so much because it makes a simple outfit more sophisticated. My gold glitter sandals were from Minelli, they’re so cute but make my feet hurt because they’re new ! My lovely white crossbody bag is from Rebecca Minkoff and my lipstick is the Lime Crime Velvetines in the shade Utopia. I hope you like this look ! I have a wonderful day and enjoy the beautiful weather of summer <3



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