Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Hi Guys!

I’m super excited because Make Up For Ever coming with a brand new foundation soon. And it promise to be amazing.

Every Makeup Artist or Beauty Addict know about the awesome HD Foundation but in few month Make Up For Ever launched the Ultra HD Foundation =D


This new one is especially made the new quality of 4K lenses (the best quality of TV, Camera, Cell Phone ect..) The Ultra HD Foundation is even more invisible, more  confortable and more natural than ever.

This foundation will be available in 40 shades divited into “families” . For Shades with pink undertones the title will begin with R (Red) and Y (Yellow) for the yellow undertones. There is also a category for itch intensity : Ligth (200), Medium (300), Tanned (400), Dark (500). So It’s more easier for locate your perfect shade !

This new formulation contains Hyaluronic Acid and extract of Asian Plants for give freshness to the skin.

It’s an invisible cover foundation because it’s give a dense coverage although the formula is fine. The  is suitable for combination and oily skin. It’s a good point for me with my combination skin ^^

Packaging don’t change so much, they only added a silver ring for greater stability jars.

I can’t wait to give a go to this foundation. It’s coming in store this summer :)




Source Instagram : @Beautylogicblog / @adyrazak /@Glambyhenna


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